As we know, people are getting sick more, even at a younger age. Clearly the technology and modern medicine is not helping. There are a lot of natural solutions to the modern health problems but they are not being promoted as big pharma does not make money from it. Actually they try to suppress it and demonise it so the general public does not go towards the natural treatments. One of the best natural treatments out there is the sunnah treatment called, “Hijama Therapy”. The objectives of diploma in hijama (DIH) are to enable students to become fully proficient and competent in the healing art of Hijama Cupping Therapy and setting up their own Hijama Business.

Usually, the cupping treatment involves a negative pressure on warming and suction being applied through a cup. It creates a vacuum to draw up toxins from the surface of the skins, which increases the blood flow. The cups are usually placed on neck, shoulders, back or the body part where pain occurs. There are different types of cupping available with various types of cups.